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What is IVK Faux ?

IVK Faux is a software and web service aim to provide a sample of what can be done with digital photographs and to analyze if the photograph is real, computer generated or modified.

Powerful Images Influence Society:

Manipulation of photographs is nothing new. For as long as cameras have existed, photographers have staged retouched and combined images and passed them off as 'real'. Sometimes for artistic purposes, sometimes for fun but sometimes for more nefarious purposes. And there are certain things that make a fake image more believable and more likely to be imprinted on our memories. People are more liable to be persuaded by false images that add weight to their beliefs. The advent of sophisticated digital imaging software and photo-realistic graphics allow artist to strengthened image or convey alternate meanings.

Images can be spliced together, graphically enhanced, or completely computer generated. Detecting these manipulated images can be difficult by human observation. Many identified manipulated images have been followed by controversy. For instance: Umpire Asad Rauf, Hira Pervaiz (Anchor person of Express News), Mehar Bukhari (Host and Media personality) and many more… Read more

The Developers: Hafiz Usman and Syed Imran Ali had developed First Pakistani Antivirus – IVK (Registered from Government of Pakistan. IPO) over 2 years of continuous struggle introduced a unique antivirus solution with limited resources in 2009. Established a company to introduce Pakistan’s talent among world’s leading Antivirus companies. All over the world limited companies are providing antivirus solutions now Pakistan has recognition among them by the grace of ALLAH SUBHAN-TALLAH. Read more

  First Pakistani Antivirus
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